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About Us

Obtaining accurate patient data when it comes to precision healthcare shouldn't be difficult.


Our aim is to make that process less painful for the healthcare professionals that use that data to benefit patients.

Geno.Me narrows the divide between research and information by putting the power of data back into the hands of consumers.


By facilitating the exchange of linked electronic health records (EHRs) and genetic data, we will be able to advance precision medicine for those suffering from difficult to manage health conditions.


Provide life-saving health information and get paid.

Geno.Me, is a data exchange platform that links a person's genetic report with their EHRs seamlessly.

The linked datasets are encrypted, deidentified, and then made available for sale to companies that are developing pharmaceuticals and conducting research within the field of precision health.


Users that grant access to Geno.Me to obtain their reports from companies like 23andMe, Ancestry.com, and MyChart are compensated monthly based on the demand of their clinical profile. Putting the power of your data, back into your pocket.


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